The Sisterhood


Welcome to the new world of Sacred Sisterhood, with your divine host Rishi Omkara. 

Not many of us are brought up with the notions or examples of what healthy and divine sisterhood relationships consist of, or how to achieve them. This goes for myself, along with majority of women. Instead, we are taught how to compete and compare as we tear each other apart with preconceived judgements and preconditioned criticism. After countless encounters of failed attempts at creating genuine and trustworthy friendships with unhealed women (as a reflection of myself), my spirit was called to assist in reshaping the collective sisterhood by the way we see and treat one another, beginning with ourselves. 

The wombman is the secret to global harmony and the rebalance of the collective conscious that is required by our Earth Mother Gaia. This is why your healing is of great importance, because you heal your lineage when you heal thyself. How exactly does this work? Your DNA is embedded with codes, energies, information, messages, and knowledge that has all been passed down through your ancestral strands of DNA. You have ties to each life you’ve lived, and each ancestor you have. Therefore, healing yourself is healing your past, your present, and your future. Everything begins with you. 


We Are All Connected Through Source
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