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    Let’s Roll Avocado!

    This hand roll has all the flavors of a veggie sushi roll, but it takes half the time to prepare. It can be loads of fun forming the sushi, as if it’s edible art. Plus, there are so many different fillings you can add to your hand roll, making a great alternative for dinner parties. The best part is, these hand rolls pear perfectly with a cold Japanese beer, or a hot sake depending on the day’s weather. THIS RECIPE IS GLUTEN FREE AND NUT FREE | MAKES 6 – 8 HAND ROLLS FOR THE RICE: -I cup sushi rice (or brown rice) – 2 tbsp. rice vinegar – 1…

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    Got Milk?

    Milk has been proved to be the rising cause of Osteoporosis. Researchers (Harvard and Swedish Studies) found that milk drinkers have significantly more bone loss and hip fractures than non milk drinkers. But don’t get too sad just yet, because as always, there is an alternative to this cow’s secretion that will still allow you to enjoy some of your favorite meals. The following recipe is for Hemp Milk, and is ten times healthier for consumption. Hope you enjoy! Ingredients: 4 cups Spring Water 4 tbsp. Hemp Seeds 2 tbsp. Raw Agave 2 tbsp. Coconut Sugar (optional) Dash of cinnamon (optional) Dash of Sea Sale Preparation:  Blend all ingredients for…

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    Have An Alkaline Day!

    Since the death of Nipsey Hussle, many have begun to wake up to the messages he was attempting to shower us with. Nipsey was working on releasing a documentary on the trial of Dr. Sebi, a Honduran Self Healer who was sued by the United States Government for actually healing people without a medical license. With over 70 witnesses speaking on his behalf proving that he did indeed reverse their health problems, Dr. Sebi won the lawsuit against him. If you do your own due diligence, you will see that he proved all dis-eases stem from the mucous carried in the human body. He proved that if we remove the…