Sacred Space: The Must Haves

There is a something inside all, or most, of us that long for a sacred space. Not the kind of place the world knows as holy or divine, like the grounds of Mecca or the ancient temples of Kemet for example. These are not the sacred spaces in which I am referring to. I am more speaking on the sacred spaces within our own homes, what it takes to create yours, and what are the must haves.

What Is A Sacred Space?

We hear the term ‘sacred space’ thrown around all over social media with pictures of candles, crystals and little trinkets that give the photo an overall pleasing and inviting aesthetic, but there are some of us that just aren’t too sure what exactly they are, or how they’re beneficial. So what is a sacred space? Simply put: a space you can go to, to be alone with ones thoughts, emotions, ideas, ancestors, spirit guides and/or the Source. They are great for moments of depression or emotional weakness and are seeking some refuge or guidance. These spaces can be used as places of offerings to your ancestors/spirit guides, a space to perform your prayers/rituals, or a place to go when asking for answers, messages, or confirmations. It’s also great for having a quiet place for reading, journaling, meditating, brainstorming or to simply escape from the noise of your ever so loved family. It can double as a space to be used for manifesting your reality as well. Don’t let the professional looking photographs online discourage you from creating your own space. It can be a corner space in your office, or even in your bedroom. It can be in a little nook in the wall inside your walk-in closet, or the laundry room if it’s big enough. If you have an enclosed patio, that would be a really cool and open area you could personalize and make your own. What matters most is not where your space is or how big it is, but that you have a space to run to. Wherever you decide, just make sure it is a space that can provide quietness. It is important as humans that we learn how to simply be still, and be ok with just Being.

The Must Haves

When we begin to create our space, we tend to feel a bit overwhelmed, if not ignorant, to how to fill this space with ‘sacred’ things. Mainly because we aren’t too sure what makes things “sacred”. Not to worry my loves, I Am here to help. Absolutely anything that connects you with your past lives, ancestors, the elements, your spirit guides, or the Source can be considered sacred. Meaning you can add any personal items that hold special value to you. Outside of some items that are individual and hold personal value, there are a list of must haves for your secede space.

  • Comfortable Seating – A part of having your sacred space is for it to be a place of comfort. A place of peace. So your seating is important because you do not want to be distracted by your posture during meditation, journaling, performing rituals or tapping in to communicate with your ancestors.
  • Candle – The kind of candle in which you bliss your space with is solely up to you. It can be a pink candle for love and relationships, a black one for protection and banishing, a green one for luck and prosperity or a simple white one. Research and study the meaning of the different colors of candles and what they’re used for. Or you can just use a white one to represent the element fire.
  • Incense/Herbs – You want to include some sort of herb or incense to burn. Not only does it represent the element Earth, certain herbs and incense can banish negativity from your aura and increase vibrations of love and joy.
  • Element Representation – It is important to display items that represent each element to ensure balance and show gratitude. Earth can be represented by metals, herbs, gemstones, acorns, seeds, or fruits and vegetables. Air can be represented by incense, feathers, animal drawings/art and essential oils. Fire can be represented candles, lamps, dragons, cactus or thorns. And the water element can by represented by a chalice, ankh, mermaids, rainwater, seashells, mirrors, driftwood or seaweed.
  • Writing/Reading Material – This space will be where you go if you need time to release through writing or for manifesting through vision boards and written out plans. Make sure to include some reading material that will help you expand your consciousness.
  • Pictures or items that your ancestors left and passed down. This strengthens your connections with your past lives and spirit guides.
  • Statues – One of the must haves in your sacred space is a representation of your Deity or something that connects you with the Source. Whatever that may be.
  • Happy Things – This is a must have because this space is your happy place. This is where you will come when you need a pick me up, and it’s important to have things that remind you to smile.

These are the basic must haves to any sacred space, but these are not the only things that you can include. You are not limited by the amount of items you can add, as long as they are things that bring good vibrations, happy thoughts and brightness to your life. Music, dancing, sound healing… just anything that can help recenter you and bring you back to a place of solace. I hope these tips have helped and please feel free to comment with pictures of your sacred space. Here’s one more of mine:

Light + Love | Rishi Omkara

Meditation 101

To be put in the most simplest of terms, meditation is the art relaxation to re-connection. Relaxing the mind and the body to reconnect with your Spirit. The art of focusing on the now and being present in the moment. Most people think that meditation requires you to shut off your brain and have no thoughts at all. Then when you can’t achieve this, you believe you’re not meditating correctly and just choose to give up.

Let me clear the air: THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO MEDITATE!

Meditating is never about silencing the mind, it’s about shifting through the thoughts that arise during this time. It’s about listening to your Spirit as it brings you messages from the Universe, your Ancestors and The Most High. This is how you reconnect with your Higher Self, your Christ Consciousness and go deeper into your personal ascension. You can meditate in any position, but it is best to be sitting straight with your legs crossed. If you cannot cross your legs, just sitting up straight is fine. No, it doesn’t matter where you sit, as long as your spine is straight.

Step One: Breathing Focus – When you first begin to meditate, you want to think about your breathing. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold it for a minimum of 3 seconds, and then release through your mouth. Repeat throughout your meditation. Take deep abdominal breaths and with each breath relax a part of your body beginning from your head all the way down to your toes. If thoughts come let them.

Step Two: Words of Power – When focusing on your breathing, it’s easy to get side tracked with your everyday thoughts of worry and stress. You can use powerful reinforcements to snap yourself back to your breathing focus, and help you stay in alignment. Two chants you can repeat to yourself are as follows:

“Inhale Life(during inhale); Exhale Strife(during exhale)”    and    “I Breathe in Balance(during inhale); So I Can Release Peace(during exhale)”

You can utilize these sentences as tools to re-center yourself when you find your mind distracted.

Step Three: Shifting Thoughts – When you first begin to meditate, you will find that it may not be so simple to shift through your thoughts because we usually begin with thoughts of our everyday lives (worries and stress about our workplace, family, kids, bills, etc.). THAT IS OK! Remember, you’re not a master meditator (yet) and you’re still learning. After your initial thoughts of your everyday life, try to refocus on your breathing exercises we previously discussed. Watch your thoughts as if you were streaming a movie, not to give any thought belief or attention.

Step Four: Taking Notes – This is why it is important for you to realize that meditation is NOT about silencing the mind. You need your thoughts during this time, they act as a portal for your messages that are sent to you. Before you begin to meditate, grab a journal or some paper and a pen and place it next to you. During your meditation, you can use your writing supplies as a tool for reflection and dissection. Once you’ve been meditating for a few minutes, you’ve shifted through thoughts and are getting in the hang of re-centering your focus to your breathing, here is when the magic happens. The thoughts that arise during moments of mediation are MESSAGES! WRITE THEM DOWN! For example, if you’ve been meditating for 5 minutes or so (and you’ve already gone through the everyday thoughts like worry and stress) and you’re zoned in on your breathing focus, and then all of a sudden a thought appears and it is a vision of you standing next to a yoga studio. Write that down and then refocus yourself on your breathing. Or if a thought arises that shows you a glimpse of another Being (like your friend, family or lover) behaving deceitfully, or just an outline of them in general, write down what you see and then get back to your breathing.

Step Five: Reflect and Decipher – Don’t forget that it is in post-mediation (mostly) where your awakening begins. After you finish meditating, you want to reflect back on the notes taken, and decipher the messages sent to you through those images or thoughts. It is in these reflections and deciphers you learn how to trust the process, and find what sets your Soul on fire.


Did you meditate? Did you have trouble silencing your mind? Did you have problems getting past the everyday thoughts to get to your Universal Messages?  DON’T GIVE UP! KEEP GOING! YOU’RE NOT DOING IT WRONG! And next time, set aside more time for your meditation so that you give yourself a change to get past these obstacles.

Light + Love | Rishi Omkara