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    Dear Black Woman, Forgive the Black Man

    The world seems so divided at the moment with the injustice of black lives, the unlawful, unconstitutional immunity of police officers that take those lives, and the contrast of foundational upbringings. I refuse to say the only difference between “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” is opinionated, when it is painfully obvious it’s rooted in generational racism and white superiority. With the world so divided, the one thing that is supposed to be in balance and harmony, is the black man and the black woman. There are so many quotes and posts on the internet about how (black) men should start taking responsibility for their lack of manhood, and…

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    Meditation 101

    To be put in the most simplest of terms, meditation is the art relaxation to re-connection. Relaxing the mind and the body to reconnect with your Spirit. The art of focusing on the now and being present in the moment. Most people think that meditation requires you to shut off your brain and have no thoughts at all. Then when you can’t achieve this, you believe you’re not meditating correctly and just choose to give up. Let me clear the air: THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO MEDITATE! Meditating is never about silencing the mind, it’s about shifting through the thoughts that arise during this time. It’s about listening to…

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    9 Steps to Breaking Family Curses

    DNA Coding: How to Break Generational Curses        Does generational curse mean nothing to you? Or perhaps you resonate with it but can’t be sure why? Don’t feel bad, there are millions of people who’ve never heard of it. There are unspoken, unwanted and unresolved life energies (curses) that keep us from permanently dissolving the lack and pressing problems in all areas of our life. These Generational curses are embedded in the biological structure of our DNA through genetics. This genetic code is the set of rules by which information encoded with genetic material is translated into proteins by living cells. These codes storing information in our DNA, are made…