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    Dear Black Woman, Forgive the Black Man

    The world seems so divided at the moment with the injustice of black lives, the unlawful, unconstitutional immunity of police officers that take those lives, and the contrast of foundational upbringings. I refuse to say the only difference between “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” is opinionated, when it is painfully obvious it’s rooted in generational racism and white superiority. With the world so divided, the one thing that is supposed to be in balance and harmony, is the black man and the black woman. There are so many quotes and posts on the internet about how (black) men should start taking responsibility for their lack of manhood, and…

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    Fuck Forgiveness?

    Why is forgiveness so important and how do you find it for those that have harmed or betrayed you? How do you let go of the pain and hurt caused by the actions of another, and learn to forgive so you can move forward? Wishing there was a simple trick I could give that just automatically releases the pain from past experiences and creates new spaces for personal freedoms, but unfortunately there isn’t. You simply have to make the choice and put in the work: the choice to change your perspective, and the work it takes to do so. Not everyone deserves your forgiveness and understanding, but that isn’t your…