Soul Cleansing

NAHARAMeet Nahara, a 24yr old literary writer and poet from VA. As a woman who has now dedicated her life to helping people overcome the challenges many of us face but not many talk about, she knows all too well how it feels to be helpless, hopeless, and unloved. Having grown up with an absent father and a mentally and physically abusive mother, she’s developed a passion for helping people find what she calls the “silver lining”, by learning to focus on the lessons they can learn from their experiences instead of just focusing on the feelings associated with those experiences. With this blog she hopes to show everyone that there is nothing you cannot overcome.

Do you ever feel dissatisfied with your life ? I’m sure your mind is probably telling you. That once you have the house, job, or relationship you want you’ll be satisfied. However what if I told you that our dissatisfaction is deeper than our longing for material possessions? Would you want to get to the root of it ?

If so you’re in the right place. Here we will not only get to the root of what causes us to be unhappy. But I will also share tips on how to overcome the things that prevent us from finding and maintaining peace and true fulfillment. And guess what…you don’t need anyone or anything outside of yourself to accomplish this.

The first step towards finding peace is becoming aware of what’s been standing in the way of it.

How to develop self-awareness

First let’s start by asking yourself this question…do you think about what you think, feel about the things you do BEFORE you act ? Or are you operating on autopilot just reacting to your environment and the things and or people in it ?

If the answer is no then this where you start. The next time you think of doing something. Stop and ask yourself why you want to do it and how you feel about whatever it is you’ve decided to do. This is how you start gaining awareness of who you are and what matters to you.

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