Angelite (Tumbled)


Angelite is Stone for promotion of Astrology and Math comprehension Stone of Awareness The Angel Stone Enhances telepathy, Unblocks Meridians Helps Speak Truths. As with Celestite, this stone makes communication with the angels, and other spiritual areas like the Akashic records, a clearer channel to receive what angels have to tell us. Works very strongly with the throat and third eye since these are some of our ways of communication!!



Alleged Healing Properties

Angelite dispels anger and negativity. The higher vibrations are sent to the upper chakras which allows for a greater spiritual growth, enhanced intuition, and sharper communication. Angelite aids osteoporosis, throat, sleep, aids acceptance, aids emotional pain and security, aids akashic, record angelic realms, astral travel,  protection, spiritual communication, and telepathy


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