How Positive Affirmations lead to Self-Evolution

Since grade school we are often taught how to harbor things that cause us harm or are painful to experience, so that we learn not to be so soft in such a tough and hardcore world. What we aren’t being shown is how to heal from those childhood traumas, which we usually end up dragging with us into adulthood and converting them into characteristics. Not only are we not taught how to heal these traumas, we’re not taught what to look for in regards to the strength of our mental health, or how to go about evolving the process of our thinking.

     Nothing rests! Everything is in motion. It has been proven that our thoughts hold electromagnetic frequencies that manifest into this physical realm, creating the reality in which we live. Now, not all of us are born into loving families that shower each individual with confidence and acceptance. No, many of us are attempting to learn WHAT constitutes as emotional health, let alone master the skill. Emotion is nothing more than Energy IN Motion, and this energy in motion builds on the electromagnetic fields that surround each and every one of us; AKA our Auras. This is how you can harbor the energies of past lovers and toxic relationships that limit us from the powers we possess. This is also the door to manifesting your greatness.

    Since your Aura is nothing more than a magnet infinitely pulling at your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions, and presenting them in the physical, it is borderline vital to learn the importance of cleansing and recharging your energy field. Since this is where the energies of past lovers and toxic relationship lay dormant altering your own vibrational levels, you can learn to clear this field and allow space for positive and higher frequencies to live. In doing so, you become the Co-Creator in your own life and are getting into a Universal alignment with your Destiny.


Before embarking on new journeys, we tend to get uncomfortable with the unknown. So here is a simple exercise you can do at home, to allow you to see with your own eyes, the effects of your thoughts.


What you will need:

Two mason jars or clear jars with lids

Permanent Marker

Labels (If you do not have labels, write on paper and tape to jars)


Your first step is to label your jars. Label one as “Positive” and the other as “Negative”. Then you want to fill your jars half full with Spring Water (Spring Water or Distilled is best) and close the lids tight.

It’s important that these jars are not interrupted by the energies of others, so place them where only YOU can access them. Maybe your bedroom closet; Just a place that you can speak to them throughout each day. And separate them on the opposite sides of the house if possible, as not to interfere with one another.

Each day you want to speak into these jars: Positive Jar with positivity. And Negative Jar with negativity. You don’t have to speak into BOTH of them daily, but you want to speak into at least ONE jar a day, just depending on how you’re feeling. DO THIS FOR ONE MONTH! AND STAY CONSISTENT!

Results: After a month of expressing yourself into these jars, pull them both out. Place them next to one another. What do you notice? How clean is the ‘Positive Jar’? How nasty does the ‘Negative Jar’ look? You should be able to see the difference in the water clearly.

   The purpose of this exercise was so that we can see the drastic difference in the effects of our positive thinking versus negative thinking, with our own eyes. In seeing how our thoughts effect our atmosphere, it should become a bit easier to be mindful in our thinking process. Flooding our environment with positive affirmations is how we alter this indoctrinated negativity we are raised behind. Altering our thinking is how we lead ourselves to our personal and individual evolutions.


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