Heart Chakra: Is Yours Open?

    Eye have noticed emotions of displacement recently due to a number of outside sources; some within the limits of my control. This feeling has yet to manifest itself in the physical realm although it has been persisting its way through the mental formation of my thought process for almost two weeks now. It has activated what Eye call the doubt downfall where it begins the​ line of questioning. Eye start to question my sense of Cell-f, the decisions Eye’ve made, the intentions of others, the company Eye keep and my overall life’s purpose. This sense of cell-f interrogation lowers your vibrational state and is the recipe for a depression attack. Once you’ve fallen victim to this attack there is an overwhelming emotion of defeat that seems almost impossible to overcome for the normal mind. Without positive reinforcements most end up maintaining this doubtful downfall mindset manifesting the problems they seek to avoid, unaware the reasoning behind such events.

      Activating and energizing your Heart Chakra helps reshape the minds initial reaction to doubt, insecurities and judgments of Cell-f and others. The Heart Chakra is associated with the color Green and is located at the heart center. It is at the heart center where the energies of lower chakras (once those needs are fulfilled and satisfied) can be reconstructed and integrated into a more spiritual aspect of your Cell-f. It is where you reach beyond your third dimensional humanistic realm and connect with something greater, wider and deeper. The color Green represents the energy of love and transformation. It allows you to transcend past your ego and through the needs of your lower chakras so you can open up to love. Green is also the color of growth, life, and balance. Through balance you can find your heart center from which you can love, form healthy and nourishing relationships, and give and receive love. The energy of Green is soothing and calming and is the color of nature, grass, and the trees. As you transcend through the stages of your Heart Chakra you will find the petals reveal compassion not only for others, but for your Cell-f as well. You will begin to radiate love, light and a sense of interconnectedness of all of life and the Earth’s beings.

How to activate and energizing your Heart Chakra

The first step to activation is getting into nature. Go to the park or open field and find some greenery to sit/lay down/walk in. If you are unable to do this try to bring some green frequencies into your place by adding some green décor in your meditation/peace room and/or maybe a small plant/herb like Rosemary (usually found on the top five list of herbs for higher awareness and healing this chakra).

    Secondly you want to visualize a strong and clear beam of green light filling up your heart center – located in the center of your sternum and below your shoulder blades – and moving its way up your body through your Crown Chakra (located a the top of your head) as well as moving down your body out through your Base/Root Chakra (located at the perineum, base of spine) forming one big bright strong straight line (Hara Line) down the center of your body.

     Now while this active green light is burning brightly you want to begin to feel natures love by taking the time to become one with the universal frequencies our Mother Earth exudes through the souls and beings of Her creatures. For example, allow yourself to feel the energies coming from the grass you’re sitting in and receive the earth’s vibrations. You can do the same with trees, flowers and all of Earth’s creations.​

     You can keep this chakra energized by getting back to nature as often as possible and maintaining the frequencies of Green energy in your atmosphere with décor and other options mentioned prior. Regularly energizing your Heart Chakra will not only allow continuous acceptance of Cell-f love and the love of others, but it will open your life to compassion, harmony and peace. When you feel you need a recharge and are unable to get to your meditation/peace room you can always purchase things that exude the energy of the color green, like candles, bracelets, crystals, gems and stones. Remember that your intentional frequencies – that you light these candles with, meditate with gems with, etc. – is the source of your manifestations. So when doing these things you can think about that strong bright green light of energy running down the center of your entire body; Imagine this light becoming stronger as it receives the universal vibrations of Her beings.


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