Embrace the Enchanting 04|22|2018

The first ever Goddess Gathering by GEMS EMPIRE created to embrace and empower our feminine frequencies and learn to become consciously aware. This gathering will include A Sister Circle, A Piece of Peace, Guided Goddess Meditation, as well as Goddess Bags* and a FREE GIFT!

A Sister Circle

A Sister Circle is where we gather in a Cypher to introduce ourselves, express why each one of us is here and what we are hoping to gain from this experience.

A Piece of Peace

Just as "speed dating" allows only a few minutes with someone before switching, A Piece of Peace allows you a few moments of positive perceptions from your like-minded StarSeeds. You can use this opportunity to exchange 'Number Cards' if desired.

Guided Goddess Meditation

During this guided meditation, we will utilize this time to shift our focus on releasing and reopening. We will assist in releasing negative emotions and doubt to reopen and realign ourselves with the frequencies of Gaia.


Goddess Guest Speaker: Elisha Floyd

Goddess Sponsor: www.rangelcreationz.com

Entertainment: Unicortne: The Hooping Mermaid