Full Moon Do’s & Don’ts

Most enjoy utilizing the frequencies of the Full Moon for a multitude of reasons, usually to banish or release negative energies that may have attached themselves to our energy fields during the last 30 days. But what if we’ve been doing it wrong this whole time? What if we’ve been using the moon phases incorrectly? For beginners, there is so much misconstrued information about what rituals should be performed for what phase of the moon, it gets somewhat difficult filtering out authentic advice and spells. This post is to focus on a few simple do’s and the don’ts for the full moon.


-No breaking curses or releasing old habits

-Not a time for making wishes or creating curses

-Not a time for releasing negativity and toxicity

-No new beginnings or life changing decisions



-A time for cleansing and charging

-Time to strengthen the mind and body

-Take advice and show thanks

-Intent rituals and candle magick

During this phase, the energies from the fullness of the moon are at its most powerful. Because of this, it isn’t a good phase for performing any releasing methods or breaking cycles. This phase is best used for manifestations and meditations. Strengthening the mind and body with yoga or silent meditation under Her light is a great way to utilize this time. Sex magic can also be used under the full moon for transmitting extremely potent energies to be manifested. Intentional work and candle magick can be performed using this moon phase as well. So get out some paper, pens, candles, and crystals and start writing down your intentions (your goals) and let’s get to manifesting the life we WANT!



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