Eat Your Way to Balanced Chakra’s

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Did you know that there are foods you can eat that will assist you in bringing balance to your Chakras? Your chakras are the 7 energy points along your spine that are directly related to the organs and functions of the human body. When these chakras are unbalanced or blocked, you find that the consequences are usually physical in nature. For instance, you can find yourself with headaches, liver and kidney problems, poor digestion, ulcers,

Can Nature Relieve Depression?

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A lot of the times we are boggled down by the weight of the responsibilities our lives require, especially if we are not taught how to balance out the difficulties of the lows and the adrenaline that comes with the highs. Emotional and mental health doesn’t seem to be a priority, and almost not even recognized, in the United States. Therefore, we have an enormous amount of people struggling with depression, anxiety, self-hate, and other

Live or Dead Foods: What Are You Eating?

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   There is a trend circling around the hashtag #LiveFoods and it has become pretty popular on Instagram, along with the hashtags #VegetarianRecipes and #PlantFood. But why are we seeing so many of these posts online referencing the importance of converting to veganism or vegetarianism, and what does it mean to eat “live foods”? Is there a difference between eating live and dead foods, and how do I figure out what’s alive and what’s dead?

White Supremacy: Does it Apply to You?

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When we (white people) hear the term ‘white supremacy’ we automatically go into defense mode screaming through misunderstandings, that just because we’re white, doesn’t mean we benefit or participate in white supremacy. It seems many get angry at these accusations and confuse this with the act of being a racist, or being called one. So Eye’m using this post as a way to clear some things up for those a bit confused.      When someone

How Positive Affirmations lead to Self-Evolution

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Since grade school we are often taught how to harbor things that cause us harm or are painful to experience, so that we learn not to be so soft in such a tough and hardcore world. What we aren’t being shown is how to heal from those childhood traumas, which we usually end up dragging with us into adulthood and converting them into characteristics. Not only are we not taught how to heal these traumas,

Full Moon Do’s & Don’ts

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Most enjoy utilizing the frequencies of the Full Moon for a multitude of reasons, usually to banish or release negative energies that may have attached themselves to our energy fields during the last 30 days. But what if we’ve been doing it wrong this whole time? What if we’ve been using the moon phases incorrectly? For beginners, there is so much misconstrued information about what rituals should be performed for what phase of the moon,