Depression: Do We Die Alone?


From the moment we begin to understand the subliminal messages cloaked in our cartoons, movies and even our literature, we are conditioned to beLIEeve that we are born into this world alone and we exit on the same premise. We are taught as women to be independent and to never rely on anyone other than ourselves, as men are taught to think they will grow old alone unless they conform to the stipulations it takes to be ‘blessed’ with a life time companion. Studies have linked loneliness to depression which has been linked to suicide. So as Eye’ve decalcified and activated my pineal gland and expand my consciousness Eye can’t help but to wonder, Do We Really Die Alone?

Have you ever noticed that the majority of people who get depressed ultimately end up in the same place? Which is usually in the doctor’s office spending money with Big Pharma seeking some form of medication to ease the pain of heartache. No matter the external reason we fall into depression the internal reason is heartache. Let me explain. Half of the people whom are depressed are going through the emotions due to separating from their significant others and the other half are hurting them(cell)ves by going against their eternal truth. Learning that we are infinite Beings of light sources alters the perception of how we enter and depart this third dimension. We are not humans with souls, we are Souls in human form. When you compromise parts of yourcellf you alter the Universal plan put in place for you BY you and the ancestors since the beginning of time.

Accepting that we are boundless sources of energy that cannot be destroyed, welcomes the wisdom of knowing we are Souls of Light traveling through infinite realms WITH other Beings of Light and banishes the idea that we are born alone and we die alone. There are times you are meant to be alone so that you can allow yourcellf to heal from your previous experiences rather than creating future toxic and complex situations. The field of low vibrations is overflowing with traumatized women and emotionally handicap men too high on pharmaceuticals to deal with their mental fractures. There are 7 stages of grief one goes through when they are left feeling abandoned: Shock and Denial, Pain and Guilt, Anger and Bargaining, Depression, Reflection, and Loneliness, The Upward Turn, Reconstruction and Working Through, and Accepting and Hope. There is All-Ways in All-Ways something to look forward to, because YOU have the power to Change Your Mindset! Learning to be grateful for the experiences and growth creates opportunities for the Universe to provide you in abundance!


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