Sacred Space: The Must Haves

There is a something inside all, or most, of us that long for a sacred space. Not the kind of place the world knows as holy or divine, like the grounds of Mecca or the ancient temples of Kemet for example. These are not the sacred spaces in which I am referring to. I am more speaking on the sacred spaces within our own homes, what it takes to create yours, and what are the must haves.

What Is A Sacred Space?

We hear the term ‘sacred space’ thrown around all over social media with pictures of candles, crystals and little trinkets that give the photo an overall pleasing and inviting aesthetic, but there are some of us that just aren’t too sure what exactly they are, or how they’re beneficial. So what is a sacred space? Simply put: a space you can go to, to be alone with ones thoughts, emotions, ideas, ancestors, spirit guides and/or the Source. They are great for moments of depression or emotional weakness and are seeking some refuge or guidance. These spaces can be used as places of offerings to your ancestors/spirit guides, a space to perform your prayers/rituals, or a place to go when asking for answers, messages, or confirmations. It’s also great for having a quiet place for reading, journaling, meditating, brainstorming or to simply escape from the noise of your ever so loved family. It can double as a space to be used for manifesting your reality as well. Don’t let the professional looking photographs online discourage you from creating your own space. It can be a corner space in your office, or even in your bedroom. It can be in a little nook in the wall inside your walk-in closet, or the laundry room if it’s big enough. If you have an enclosed patio, that would be a really cool and open area you could personalize and make your own. What matters most is not where your space is or how big it is, but that you have a space to run to. Wherever you decide, just make sure it is a space that can provide quietness. It is important as humans that we learn how to simply be still, and be ok with just Being.

The Must Haves

When we begin to create our space, we tend to feel a bit overwhelmed, if not ignorant, to how to fill this space with ‘sacred’ things. Mainly because we aren’t too sure what makes things “sacred”. Not to worry my loves, I Am here to help. Absolutely anything that connects you with your past lives, ancestors, the elements, your spirit guides, or the Source can be considered sacred. Meaning you can add any personal items that hold special value to you. Outside of some items that are individual and hold personal value, there are a list of must haves for your secede space.

  • Comfortable Seating – A part of having your sacred space is for it to be a place of comfort. A place of peace. So your seating is important because you do not want to be distracted by your posture during meditation, journaling, performing rituals or tapping in to communicate with your ancestors.
  • Candle – The kind of candle in which you bliss your space with is solely up to you. It can be a pink candle for love and relationships, a black one for protection and banishing, a green one for luck and prosperity or a simple white one. Research and study the meaning of the different colors of candles and what they’re used for. Or you can just use a white one to represent the element fire.
  • Incense/Herbs – You want to include some sort of herb or incense to burn. Not only does it represent the element Earth, certain herbs and incense can banish negativity from your aura and increase vibrations of love and joy.
  • Element Representation – It is important to display items that represent each element to ensure balance and show gratitude. Earth can be represented by metals, herbs, gemstones, acorns, seeds, or fruits and vegetables. Air can be represented by incense, feathers, animal drawings/art and essential oils. Fire can be represented candles, lamps, dragons, cactus or thorns. And the water element can by represented by a chalice, ankh, mermaids, rainwater, seashells, mirrors, driftwood or seaweed.
  • Writing/Reading Material – This space will be where you go if you need time to release through writing or for manifesting through vision boards and written out plans. Make sure to include some reading material that will help you expand your consciousness.
  • Pictures or items that your ancestors left and passed down. This strengthens your connections with your past lives and spirit guides.
  • Statues – One of the must haves in your sacred space is a representation of your Deity or something that connects you with the Source. Whatever that may be.
  • Happy Things – This is a must have because this space is your happy place. This is where you will come when you need a pick me up, and it’s important to have things that remind you to smile.

These are the basic must haves to any sacred space, but these are not the only things that you can include. You are not limited by the amount of items you can add, as long as they are things that bring good vibrations, happy thoughts and brightness to your life. Music, dancing, sound healing… just anything that can help recenter you and bring you back to a place of solace. I hope these tips have helped and please feel free to comment with pictures of your sacred space. Here’s one more of mine:

Light + Love | Rishi Omkara

Don’t Give Up, You’re Almost There

This is for you. The one who feels like a complete failure, again. You let them in and they destroyed what little love you have left lingering around inside, even though you expressed the need to never feel that way again. You tried to be happy but you just couldn’t find a reason. This is for you. The one who struggles with suicidal thoughts and wonders if the world would be better off without you. If anyone would miss you or even notice if you were gone. This if for you. The one who battles with depression masked with fabricated laughter and smiles that no none seems to even care to notice. This is for you. The one who wrestles with self-loathing ideas because you believe in your ability to always “fuck shit up” based on past perceptions.  The idea that you were never good enough, and that will never change. This is for you. The one who constantly argues with themselves about how selfish it is to do something for you. How easily you’re placed last in line because, hey, why not right? This is for you. The one who fights with others to have their own voice minus the concern of offensiveness. Who spend their days in defensiveness towards their own rights and capabilities to possess control of Self. This is for you.

    You are not alone. You are not the only one battling this war on self.  You’re backed by Universal energies and the frequencies of those you’ve loved that have transitioned into another existence. You are never alone!

    So this is for you. You’re not a failure, you just figured out another option that doesn’t work. Keep going the path is being paved as we speak. This is for you. Fuck that selfish person that tried to destroy you after everything you’ve been through. Their karma awaits them. Your karma for them is to go be dastardly happy! This is for you. The one who has to search for reasons to smile, YOU are the only reason you’ll ever need to smile!  This is for you. NO the world is NEVER better off without you! YES the world would miss you! YES the world would be a darker place without the Light of your Spirit. And YES there are plenty of people who would be saddened by your departure. This is for you. Those fabricated smiles will turn into genuine joy, and you will attract those that care to notice when your joy fades. This is for you. You’re not perfect and we ALL fuck shit up throughout this lifetime. You’re not alone. You will never be perfect but will always and INFINITELY be good enough! This is for you. Self-care and self-appreciation IS NOT SELFISH! And they are mandatory for being able to hold down the fort. This is for you. SPEAK THAT BEAUTIFUL MIND and NEVER deplete your energy for the entitled comfort-ability of someone else. Your truth is beautiful! This is for you!



Are You Co-Signing Negativity?

The fact that words hold vibrational frequencies which manifest into the electromagnetic field of your reality should be enough information to be cautiously aware of the content you choose to dispute. The ultimate power source behind an incantation is in the words you chant, that is why they call it SPELLING. The origins of the ancient word ‘Abracadabra’ may derive from an Aramaic phrase meaning ‘I create as I speak’, however in the Hebrew language the phrase translates more accurately as ‘it came to pass as it was spoken.’ Nonetheless, the importance of the origin is insignificant compared to the monumental capabilities the word shelters. It was believed by the physician of the Roman emperor in the third century AD, that the word possessed incredible healing powers when scribed on an amulet in the form of a triangle, or ‘abracadabrangle’. It was used as a magical formula, or spell, to invoke the aid of beneficent spirits against disease and misfortune.

    You see, for centuries humans have been utilizing the powerful vibrations that transcend through speech to literally create the facts of their own existence. So it is extremely important that you be mindful NOT to co-sign the negativity manifestations of others. For example, when someone you know makes comments similar to “I can’t do that, I’m broke” or “Sorry, I just don’t have the money”, as a generically automated response we say, “Girl me too!” or “I’m right there with you” not realizing we just hopped on their negative bandwagon. Then we have trouble understanding why all these financial burdens appeared, or why we didn’t receive that promotion at work we worked so hard for. A simple “Not today” or “I’ll take a raincheck” will help recondition your mind to speak the things you seek in life. Although it will take conscious effort to retrain your Self, with consistency and positive reinforcements you will begin to experience tremendous change. 


Can Nature Relieve Depression?

A lot of the times we are boggled down by the weight of the responsibilities our lives require, especially if we are not taught how to balance out the difficulties of the lows and the adrenaline that comes with the highs. Emotional and mental health doesn’t seem to be a priority, and almost not even recognized, in the United States. Therefore, we have an enormous amount of people struggling with depression, anxiety, self-hate, and other emotional and mental obstacles; and doing so with very little healthy outlets of expression and release, or a support system to encourage transformation.   

We forget that we are surrounded by healthy outlets in our every day lives. If you are able to go outside and feel the wind, see the trees, feel the grass, see the sun, hear the animals, then you have multiple Beings around you for expressing your feelings and worries. The Universe works in connection with Gaia (Mother Nature) to gift us with everything we need through natural resources. Getting grounded is a great first step in relieving some of the things we harbor that fuel our depression and sadness. Sitting with nature not only helps us emotionally, but it is a great way to reconnect with Spirit. If you’ve been feeling a little lost lately, as if you’re not even sure who you are anymore, getting grounded can help to reawaken the hidden you that lays dormant.  

Getting grounded is not a materialistic exercise, meaning there is nothing required to get grounded. It is a relationship that you are reestablishing between you and nature.


Take off your shoes and as much clothing as you would like, or the weather permits, and go walking outside. Walk until you can find a place that you can sit and relax in, possibly near a tree (because trees posses and transmit energies), but make sure not to cheat yourself during the walk. Don’t walk too fast, slow down and take in your surroundings. The birds, trees, bugs, streams of water maybe, how strong or light the wind is, how the grass or dirt/soil feel underneath your feet. What do these things remind you of? Being a child and playing outside? A past life in a different time? Or maybe even a dream life you have yet to live? Whatever it is, allow yourself to FEEL it. Go through the motions OF emotions.   

Find a comfortable place to sit and relax. It could be a place of shade or bright sunlight, you can even use the moonlight if you’d like. Although the daytime provides a different source of energy and is BEST utilized for this exercise, night time can work. Now that you are lounging with nature, it’s time to release. As previously mentioned, you can use a tree for release if that is what speaks to your Spirit, or it can be flowers, animals, the sky, stars, water, whatever you feel comfortable opening up to. It’s about expression. Learning to express yourself in a healthy manner while simultaneously letting unhealthy emotions and feelings go.   You can express whatever you would like, from the smallest issues to your biggest worries and fears. You can use this time to cry, scream, yell, do whatever that makes you feel a little lighter. Sit with nature as long as you need to or as long as you can. Spend your walk back thinking and analyzing how you felt before, during, and after the exercise. Journaling this experience can help you stay focused and track your progression.

  If this exercise is created as a habit, you will find yourself not harboring so many issues or unresolved emotions to release. Overtime, almost without recognition, you become one with Gaia and you open the portals for communication and begin hearing the messages sent to you through Universal frequencies. Doing this is phenomenal for your spiritual awakening, your activation of your Pineal Gland (third eye), helping with depression, and emotional baggage.



How Positive Affirmations lead to Self-Evolution

Since grade school we are often taught how to harbor things that cause us harm or are painful to experience, so that we learn not to be so soft in such a tough and hardcore world. What we aren’t being shown is how to heal from those childhood traumas, which we usually end up dragging with us into adulthood and converting them into characteristics. Not only are we not taught how to heal these traumas, we’re not taught what to look for in regards to the strength of our mental health, or how to go about evolving the process of our thinking. Continue reading “How Positive Affirmations lead to Self-Evolution”

Depression: Do We Die Alone?


From the moment we begin to understand the subliminal messages cloaked in our cartoons, movies and even our literature, we are conditioned to beLIEeve that we are born into this world alone and we exit on the same premise. We are taught as women to be independent and to never rely on anyone other than ourselves, as men are taught to think they will grow old alone unless they conform to the stipulations it takes to be ‘blessed’ with a life time companion. Studies have linked loneliness to depression which has been linked to suicide. So as Eye’ve decalcified and activated my pineal gland and expand my consciousness Eye can’t help but to wonder, Do We Really Die Alone?

Continue reading “Depression: Do We Die Alone?”