A sacred space designed by women, made for women. We appreciate every opportunity the Source presents us to provide assistance to our fellow Queens in their journey to self rediscovery. From gemstones, sage spray, and natural cosmetics to inner healing workshops, spiritual/life coaching, and card readings, Empire of Gems will become your greatest resource for your spiritual awakening. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive special discounts, promotions and sales.


It seems we are all searching for ways to increase our happiness and decrease our stress and worries, and there aren’t many resources out there for assistance. Until now. Learn how to live a life of unlimited abundance, unconditional love, and vibrations of peace and harmony with our InnerG workshops.

Grateful Goddess Journal

Find out how to turn your life completely around by using our Grateful Goddess Journal to manifest tranquility, and learn how needing nothings attracts everything you seek.

From Queen to Queen

In order to reshape sisterhood we must reshape the way we see ourselves, so that we can begin to look at one another through a more loving lens. Use this affirmation journal to start your journey towards mirror-loving yourself 🙂